Coaster Con is an exhilarating Minecraft theme park online convention that aims to bring together enthusiasts and fans of roller coasters, theme parks, and virtual experiences. Founded with a passion for creativity, community, and charity, Coaster Con combines the thrilling world of roller coasters with the limitless possibilities of the virtual realm.

In its inaugural year, Coaster Con organized a remarkable online event that not only delighted attendees but also contributed to a noble cause. The convention collaborated with the renowned charity organization, Give Kids the World, to raise funds and awareness for their invaluable work. Give Kids the World is dedicated to creating magical experiences for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families by providing them with cost-free vacations.

Throughout the duration of the convention, Coaster Con hosted a series of live events, including coaster-building competitions, park tours, and educational panels. These engaging activities not only entertained attendees but also fostered a sense of community among coaster enthusiasts from all around the globe.

The highlight of the event was the charity drive, where Coaster Con encouraged attendees to donate to Give Kids the World. Through the collective efforts of participants, an outstanding amount of $1500 was raised, serving as a testament to the compassion and generosity of the coaster community.

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