We are a diverse group of people over 3,500 who come from all walks of life, but we all share a common passion for the magic of theme parks and the thrill of roller coasters.

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In the beginning...

The Minecraft themepark community has been a vibrant and creative space for builders and enthusiasts to come together and create virtual amusement parks and roller coasters within the game.
The origins of the Minecraft themepark community can be traced back to the early days of the game when players began experimenting with redstone circuits to create simple rides and attractions. As the game's mechanics and player creativity evolved, these primitive attractions grew into more elaborate and complex theme parks.

1:1 in Minecraft

One of the earliest and most influential groups in this community was MCParks, founded in 2012. MCParks hosted servers dedicated to building and showcasing real life theme parks inside of Minecraft, attracting a dedicated following of builders and enthusiasts. Their annual events, such as the MCParks Coaster Expo, became major gatherings for the community to showcase their latest creations and share techniques.
In 2014, Imagine Fun emerged as another prominent group within the Minecraft themepark community. Imagine Fun focused on creating high-quality, immersive theme park experiences within Minecraft, often incorporating storytelling and detailed theming.

The explosion of custom

The Minecraft themepark community has witnessed a fascinating shift in recent years, with an increasing focus on custom-built theme parks rather than traditional 1:1 recreations of real-world parks. This shift has been driven by the community's desire for originality, creativity, and the freedom to push the boundaries of what is possible within the game's mechanics.
In the early days of the community, many builders dedicated their efforts to meticulously recreating iconic theme parks and roller coasters from the real world, striving to capture every intricate detail within the confines of Minecraft's blocky universe. While these 1:1 recreations were impressive feats of engineering and attention to detail, they ultimately lacked the sense of originality and personal expression that many builders craved.
As the community grew and matured, a new generation of builders emerged, fueled by a desire to create something truly unique and tailored to the Minecraft experience. This shift towards custom-built theme parks allowed builders to break free from the constraints of replicating real-world designs and instead unleash their creativity, crafting entirely original landscapes, rides, and experiences.

Where we come in...

As the community grew, so did the demand for events and conventions where members could come together and celebrate their shared passion. Initially this demand let us to create the coasters and crafters awards way back in 2020, but the community wanted far more then just an awards ceremony, which ended up leading us to push ourselves further and create a far bigger impact. Thats where CoasterCon came in, first held in 2021, it quickly became an anticipated annual online event for the Minecraft themepark community.
The inaugural CoasterCon in 2021 was a modest affair, featuring community booths and a few panels, but it laid the foundation for what was to come. It provided a platform for builders to showcase their creations and connect with fellow enthusiasts from around the globe.
CoasterCon 2022 marked a significant step up, attracting thousands of attendees and offering a comprehensive program. The event focused on panels featuring prevalent guests from the community. These panels allowed attendees to learn from experienced builders and gain insights into their creative processes and techniques.
Additionally, CoasterCon 2022 introduced workshops dedicated to teaching attendees how to build better and more realistic rides within Minecraft. These hands-on sessions provided valuable opportunities for skill development and knowledge sharing among the community.
The convention center itself, built entirely within Minecraft, hosted various events and activities throughout the duration of CoasterCon, fostering a lively and engaging atmosphere for attendees to explore and interact with one another.
In 2023, CoasterCon continued to build upon its successful formula, offering an even more extensive lineup of panels, workshops, and in-game events centered around the convention center.
The online nature of CoasterCon allows for a truly global gathering, with participants from different continents and time zones seamlessly joining the event. The virtual format also enables a level of creativity and immersion that would be challenging to replicate in a physical setting.
As CoasterCon continues to grow, it remains a beloved annual event for the Minecraft themepark community, providing a unique platform for builders to connect, learn, and showcase their passion for creating awe-inspiring virtual theme parks and attractions within the game.



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