Contribute to our event and get some cool in-game perks as a reward.

Contribution Amount


Physical Lanyard

Contribute $10.00 or more.

Physical Pin Badge

Contribute $15.00 or more.

VIP Pass

Contribute $15.00 or more.

Full Access Pass

Contribute $30.00 or more.

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Donate directly to Give Kids The World on our Tiltify Campaign.

100% of all profits go to
Give Kids The World

This year, we are raising money for Give Kids The World, a nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families.

Any amount you contribute will go directly to Give Kids The World.

Find out more
Give Kids The World

Take the tour of
The Village

Back in January, we took a tour of the Give Kids The World Village. We met up with Darren, the Development Coordinator for the village, to take us on a quick tour around one of the most magical places in Florida.

Watch the video to see what the village is all about.

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Visit our very own
GKTW Gardens

Learn more about GKTW by visiting our virtual GKTW Gardens area in-game. The history of how the village came to be is fascinating and we encourage you to learn more about it.

Visit it in-game by doing /warp gktw.

Give Kids The World